Activating and Managing Deposit Pay for Guests

Guests can have the option to pay a deposit amount when booking through Resova. For applying payment settings on certain items, see Activating Payment Settings for Individual Items.

Activating Guest Deposit Pay

  1. Head to 'Settings' then 'General Settings'.
  2. Under 'Booking and Payment Settings' click 'Payment Settings'.
  3. Turn on the 'Guests can pay a deposit amount' checkbox under the 'Guests checkout payment amount options'.

Configuring Guest Deposit Pay

Choose a minimum deposit type amount for guests by clicking on the dropdown box with the following configurations.

  • Percentage (set the percent of the total required)
  • Fixed Total (set the total value required)
  • Fixed Per Person (set the total value required per person in the group)

You can give guests other options by turning on these checkboxes.

  • Guests can optionally pay a custom amount: Guests can choose an amount higher than the minimum deposit
  • Guests can optionally pay the full balance: Guests can choose to pay off the full balance

If you want to Hide options for guests to make additional payments after completing their booking, click its checkbox in the 'Additional options' section. Note: This does not apply to Split Payment and Payment by Invoice options. This option is only for General Payment Settings, not Inidividual Item Payments.

For more help on payment settings, see our guides on payment options and gateways.

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