Adding Private and Public Notes to a Booking

Notes can be created within any transaction or booking page after the transaction has been completed. 

Adding Notes

  1. Start by clicking on the desired transaction or booking through 'Purchases' on the left-side menu, or on the booking calendar. The 'Notes' section will be at the bottom-right corner of the page.
  2. To add a note, click on the text box labeled with a pen icon
  3. Type out your note and press enter to save.

Differences between Private and Public Notes

By default, all notes are set to be private, as indicated by the crossed-out privacy-eye icon. To change the privacy, click on the 'Private Note' box with the eye icon and choose one of two options.

  • Add private note: (To be viewed internally, only those with admin dashboard access can see)
  • Add public note: (Customers will be able to see after adding the note, and manually sending out the confirmation e-mail. If a public note is added, and the booking is rescheduled or updated, the public note/s will also be viewable to the customer)

Each individual note can also be set to private or public by clicking on the 'privacy-eye icon' under each note.

Deleting Notes

Notes can also be deleted by clicking on the 'Remove' icon on the right side of each individual note.

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