Managing the Schedule of an Item

  1. On the left side menu, click on 'Inventory', then 'Items'.
  2. Hover over the item you wish to edit, then click on 'Manage Item'.
  3. Then click 'Schedules' under 'Scheduling'.


See our article on  Setting Event Duration and Availability for Items for help with event durations.

Setting up schedule availability

There are two different kinds of schedules for an item.

  • Default schedule (Fallback if no other schedules are activated or available)
  • Recurring schedule (Created schedule that spans a specified time if active. See our article for setting up recurring schedules for help with this schedule type)

Click on the schedule you wish to edit.

  1. Under the desired day of the week, click on the blue plus button to create a time slot
  2. Click or highlight the time to change it by typing in the desired time
  3. Click on the blue plus button once again to add another time slot. The newly created time slot will be based on the event duration set
  4. Repeat for other desired time slots and days
  5. Click "Save & Update" to save changes

Schedules can also be copied over. See the article for Copying Schedules and Time Slots for an Item.


Deleting Time Slots

  • Click on the red trash "Delete" icon on the desired time slot to delete it.
  • An entire day's schedule can be deleted by clicking on the Options button (three dots) icon on the desired day, then clicking "Delete all time slots"
  • Click "Save & Update" to save changes



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