How to Approve or Deny Booking Requests

When Booking Requests are active on an item, within the Latest notifications on the Resova Dashboard, you'll see awaiting approval requests. (Please visit our help article on Activating and Managing Booking Requests if you have yet to activate Booking Requests for an Item).

  1. On the Resova Dashboard, go to the Latest notifications box 
  2. Click on the desired Booking Request
  3. Click on 'Approve' or 'Deny' on the booking


Booking Requests on the Calendar

  1. On the left side menu, click on 'Calendar'
  2. Click on the desired time slot with the red 'Pending Approval' icon
  3. Click on 'Approve' or 'Deny' on the booking sidebar on the right


Approve or Deny with Comments

You can choose to add a comment when you Approve or Deny

  1. Click on the "Approve with Comments" or "Deny with Comments" button next to Approve or Deny
  2. Type out the comment in the note box
  3. Click on "Approve" or "Deny"


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