Checkout Settings for Extras

  1. On the left side menu, click on 'Inventory', then 'Extras'
  2. On the right side of the desired Extra, click on the 'Manage'
  3. On the left side panel, click on 'Edit checkout settings'


Purchase Options

By default, Extras will be available to purchase on the POS on the Calendar and the online Guest Checkout. Check the boxes to remove it from those platforms.

  • Remove from POS
  • Remove from Guest Checkout

Experience assignment

Assign which Items the Extra can be purchased with by using the 'Experiences' drop menu.

  • All experiences (Extra will be assigned to ALL Items)
  • Selected experiences (Choose which Items the Extra will apply to by typing the Item names into the box on the right)
  • No experiences (Extra will NOT appear on any Items)

Purchase availability

Manage availability for when this item is available to purchase when assigned to experiences.

  • Select Date Option (Choose between Available any dates and Available between dates. Set the From Date and To Date)
  • Select Time Option (Choose between Available any time and Available between times. Set the time span)
  • Days of the Week (Toggle the days of the week on which this Extra will be available)
  • Exclusion Dates (Select the date on which this item won't be purchasable. Click the trash icon to delete)

Additional Options

Manage additional options for this item.

  • Hide Items from POS when stock is fully depleted (Extra will not appear on the Calendar POS when stock is 0)
  • Hide Items from Guest Checkout when stock is fully depleted (Extra will not appear on the Guest Checkout when stock is 0)

Be sure to click on 'Save & Update' to save your settings.


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