Sending emails to guests from a custom email address

Send all emails to guests, including confirmation and reminder emails, from your own custom email address.

Note: To ensure that emails are successfully delivered to guests (and to avoid spam folders), sending emails from a custom email address such as will require verification in Resova and some changes to DNS records on your domain name. This process will authorize and provide permission to Resova to send emails on behalf of your custom email address. We recommend that those with experience in DNS records continue with the following instructions. Alternatively, you can contact your hosting provider for assistance or reach out to our technical support team, who will be happy to help.

DMARC policies restrict Resova from sending emails on behalf of the following email clients:

  • Google (
  • Hotmail (,,,
  • Yahoo (

To use a custom 'From Email' Address, we recommend you use your own domain name extension such as "" or "".

If you cannot provide one of these emails, please use the default option we provide.

Adding a custom email address to Resova

To use your own custom email address, select 'Settings' and then 'Emails & Messaging' from the main navigation. Click 'General Email Settings' in the settings menu on the left.​


Enter the custom email address you wish to send emails in the 'From Email Address' field and hit 'Replace'.


Great! Your email has now been added to Resova. Next, we need to verify and provide authorization for Resova to send emails on behalf of your email address.

Adding Resova's records to your domain names DNS settings

After adding your custom email address, copy and paste all records provided by Resova into your domain names DNS records.


If you are unsure on how to add Resova's DNS records to your domain name, please contact your domain name or hosting provider. Alternatively you can reach out to Resova's Tech Support Team who will be happy to help.

Not ready to add DNS records yet? No problem. To view these records at a later time, just hit 'Verify' from the main 'General Email Settings' page.

Verifying your domain name and finalizing setup in Resova

Once you have added the above DNS records to your domain name, we now need to verify that the records have been added correctly.

To verify your custom email address, head back to 'General Email Settings' by clicking 'Settings' and then 'Emails & Messaging' from the main menu. Hit the 'Verify' button and in the modal just launched select 'Verify domain name'.


If the provided DNS records have been added to your domain name correctly, you'll receive a success message and you're ready to send emails to your guests.

Still can't verify your domain name? Please check the provided records have been added to your domain name correctly following the above instructions. If the issue persists then please reach out to our Support Team.


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