Accept payments using a Credit Card Reader

Quickly capture credit card payments using third party card reader devices.

Supported gateways

Due to limitations that payment gateway providers offer, credit card readers will only work with the  following integrations:

Supported card readers

Resova does not provide its own credit card reader hardware, and any USB credit card swipers should allow you to accept card payments. Please ensure you purchase a "triple track reader" so that all encoded card data can be read by Resova. The following card readers have been tested by ourselves and are supported on Resova:

Note: Most if not all card readers should be supported. If you find a card reader that is not compatible, please contact our support team with the model name and number of your card reader and we will attempt to resolve any issues if possible.

Swiping credit cards in Resova

To add card payments onto transactions using card readers, simply swipe the card with your card reader when creating new transactions or from the transaction overview page. You can swipe cards at anytime when creating new transactions or from an existing transaction overview page. If cards are swiped and recorded successfully, a modal will appear.


To complete card payments, please enter any outstanding information required from cards and enter the value amount you would like to take.


Hit complete once all information has been added and the card payment will record successfully.


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