Accepting payments with Square POS

Accept payments for transactions in Resova with Square POS including:

  • Card (chip and pin with Squares card reader)
  • Cash (connected to Squares cash register)
  • Gift vouchers (utilizing Squares gift voucher system)

Note: Square gateway must be connected to Resova to use Square POS.

Supported devices

Square POS can only be used with devices and operating systems that support the Square POS application. Please visit Square for more information on their POS software and links to download their app on your device.

Note: For iOS and Android operating systems, only native browsers such as Safari or Androids own browser support Square POS. Google Chrome browsers for example will not work.

Activating Square POS

If you have connected Square gateway to Resova, Square POS will automatically be available to choose as a payment type when creating new transactions or add new payments to existing transactions.

Creating new payments with Square POS

When creating new payments for new and existing transactions, select the "Square POS" option in the "Select payment type" field.


Enter the amount for this payment and then hit the "Launch Square POS" button.


If your device has the Square POS app installed, you will be directed to the app, confirming the payment amount and payment options to use within the Square POS app.


Choose the preferred payment method and continue through the steps. If the charge is approved, the browser will redirect back to the transaction in Resova, confirming that the payment made via Square POS is successful.

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