Accepting payments on arrival, by invoice or via a payment link for new transactions

For new transactions and bookings that don't require immediate payment to complete, team members are given the options to mark new transactions as:

  • 'Payment on Arrival'
  • 'Payment by Invoice'

In addition, if a payment gateway is activated, team members can also send customers a payment request via email that will include a link to pay for bookings with a credit or debit card from the booking site.

To create new transactions with the above options, when creating a new transaction, select the dropdown button connected to the "Complete Transaction" button in the bottom right-hand corner. 


Creating transactions for 'Payment on Arrival' and 'Payment by Invoice'

Complete bookings using the 'Payment on Arrival' and 'Payment by Invoice' option to include instructions in confirmation emails on how customers can pay when they arrive or to attach a PDF invoice with instructions on how to pay. See our guide on activating pay on arrival or by invoice options for customers.

Send payment request email to customers to pay with card

Select the 'Send payment request' option to send an email to customers with a link, to pay via card from the booking site.


Note: A payment gateway must be activated to send customers a payment request option. Selecting this option will auto-complete transactions. You will be notified when payments are made from customers.

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