Viewing a demo of Resova

We've made it simple for you to view a demo of both our platform for teams and booking site before you commit to our service.

Viewing the Resova platform for teams demo

You first need to register for the FREE trial. Once you have completed all registration steps and your account is set up, select the "Activate Demo" toggle.

Once activated and you have completed all tutorial steps, your account will be populated with demo data such as items, customers, bookings, payments and more. We recommend you check out all areas of the dashboard to get a full understanding of everything we have to offer.

Viewing the booking site demo

Just like the Resova platform demo, the booking site will be populated with demo data. Here, you can get an idea of what your customers will see and how they will book online.

Take a look at our quick guide on finding and viewing your booking site.

Deactivating the demo

In your account, click the "End Demo" button at the top of your screen and confirm.

Note: Any changes made to your account whilst in demo mode will not be saved.

If you have missed something in the demo or need more information to get started, please submit a request to talk to our team. We would love to answer any questions you have.

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