Managing your Resova subscription

You can upgrade and downgrade your plan anytime from your account.

To change your plan, click your avatar and name found in the bottom left-hand corner of your account underneath the main navigation. From the dropdown menu, select "Billing & Invoices".


On the billing page, click the "Change Plan" button. You can also review your current plan and monthly allowances on the billing page.


A pop up will appear with all available plans, and your current plan will be highlighted. Choose the plan you wish to change to and hit "Next".


We will provide you with a breakdown on what allowances and features you will gain when upgrading and what you will lose when downgrading.

Select the "Confirm" button to change your plan.

If you have any questions regarding your current plan or changing plans, please submit a request to talk to our team. If you require more booking allowances and team members, or need more accounts, read more about our enterprise plans.

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