Assigning team members as resources

Assign invited team members to bookings and time slots, as team resources. Before setting up team resources, take a look at what team resources are and how they work.

Assigning and managing team members as resources

To assign and manage team resources, select "Settings" and then "General Settings" from the main navigation.


Select "Team" in the settings menu on the left


On the “Team” page, click on the grid or list item of the team member that you wish to manage.


In team profiles, you can manage team availability times and assign them to items/listings that you offer. View our help guide on creating and managing available and unavailable working hours for team resources.

To use or remove staff members as a staff resource on items, from the staff resource settings, select "Assigned Items" from the tab.


Items that are assigned to team members will be activated as a team resource. All bookings and time slots on assigned items will require members of the team to be available when being booked. However, users can override and manually make bookings without team resources from the team calendar if team resources are unavailable.

Available working hours will also need to be set up in order to activate and use team members as resources.

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