Setting up taxes and fees

Optionally apply taxes to all purchases including additional fees such as cancellation fees, rescheduling fees and booking fees.

To create and manage taxes and fees on all transactions, select "Settings" and then "General Settings" from the main navigation. Click "Taxes & Fees" in the settings menu on the left.


Applying and managing taxes

The following taxes can be applied to all transactions and bookings:

  • Standard taxes (inclusive or exclusive of the transaction subtotal)
  • Compound taxes (an additional tax, calculated with the initial tax included)

To apply and manage all taxes, on the “Taxes” page, select the "Create tax" list item to apply new taxes or click the list item of an existing tax to manage.


Applying and managing fees

The following fees can be applied to all transactions and bookings:

  • Taxes
  • Rescheduling fees (when customers change the booking date and time, or add to the booking only)
  • Cancellation fees

To apply and manage all fees, on the taxes/fees page you can select "Rescheduling Fees" or "Cancellation Fees" from the tabs at the top.


Select the "Create..." list item to apply new fees or click the list item of an existing fee to manage.

You can create multiple fees for each fee type, this will allow multiple rules and charges. For example, a cancellation fee for cancelled bookings one day before the booking and a different cancellation fee one hour before the booking.

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