Managing business locations

To create and manage existing business locations, select "Settings" and then "General Settings" from the main navigation. Click "Business Locations" in the settings menu on the left.


Creating locations

To create a new location, select the blue plus icon to the right.


 To create more locations than one, you will need to have subscribed to our premium plan. Learn more about all our pricing plans.

Managing existing locations

To manage an existing location, hover over the grid or select the gear icon in list view and select "Manage Location".


Making an additional location your primary location

On the business locations page, hover over the grid item of the additional location you want to become the primary location and select the gear icon. Click "Make Primary Location" from the dropdown menu.

Removing locations

On the business locations page, hover over the grid item of the location you want to remove and select the gear icon. Click "Delete Location" from the dropdown menu to permanently remove that location from your account.

Assigning locations to items

Read here on assigning locations individually, or to all items in your inventory.

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