Understanding team resources

Control your availability, assigning team members as resources/guides, to your bookings and time slots.

What are team resources?

Often team resources are assigned to items/listings, depending on the team members’ skillsets, such as guides for tours and operators for activities.

When set up and applied to items, teams as resources can be manually assigned to private bookings or time slots. Team resources can also be configured to be automatically assigned to bookings and time slots, without the need to be manually selected when booking.

How do team resources work?

Team members as resources can be applied to invited team members only. This tool has been created so you do not overbook your services when the team are not available. 

Bookings cannot be created if team members are assigned to items/lists as a resource and if members are preoccupied with another booking at the same time, or outside of their available working hours.

To get started, view instructions on assigning and managing your team, as resources.

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