Integrating PayPal Express Checkout

Accept online payments with PayPal Express Checkout. This option is when customers make payments using PayPal's secure widget when checking out.

To accept card payments using an integrated payment form with PayPal, check out our instructions on integrating PayPal Pro into Resova.

To get started, you will need to find your PayPal Express Checkout 'Live Client ID' to enter into your Resova account.

Finding your PayPal Express API credentials

If you already have a business account with PayPal, please read the following article on creating a live 'REST' application with PayPal Express to obtain your credentials. You will need the following API information to continue:

  • Live Client ID
  • Secret

When creating a new 'REST' application, you will be provided by default with sandbox details. Please ensure you obtain the 'Live Client ID' by toggling the "Live" tab in the top right of the REST API settings page.

Note: PayPal Express requires you to have a PayPal Business account. Please ensure that you have upgraded to PayPal Business before activating PayPal Express. 

Adding API details and activating PayPal Express Checkout, in Resova

To add your API and activate PayPal Express Checkout, select "Settings" and then "General Settings" from the main navigation. Click "Payment Options" in the settings menu on the left.


Select "PayPal Express Checkout".


Enter your API information, copied from your PayPal developer account and hit "Save & Update".

To activate and deactivate PayPal Express Checkout, click the "Status" button in the top right-hand corner. Change the status to "Activate Payment Option" or "Deactivate Payment Option".

Activating 'Guest Checkout' in PayPal Express

To allow customers to pay for transactions as guests and not require a PayPal account, please ensure PayPal accounts are optional:

  1. Sign in to your PayPal account 
  2. Click 'Seller Preferences' on the right.
  3. Click 'Update' beside Website Preferences.
  4. Select 'On' under 'PayPal Account Optional'.
  5. Click Save
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