Editing all page titles and subtitles on the booking site

Edit all titles and subtitles for all pages on your booking site.

Select "Settings" and then "Booking Site Settings" from the main navigation. Click "Page Titles" in the settings menu on the left.


To hide all page titles and/or subtitles, select the "General Settings" tab.


Page title and subtitle variables

The following variables are available to include in your page titles and subtitles:

  • [Business Name] (All pages)
  • [Booking Item] (Availability, item extras, booking questions and participants pages)
  • [Booking Date] (Availability, item extras, questions, guests and review pages)
  • [Booking Time] (Availability, item extras, questions, guests and review pages)
  • [Booking Id] (Review page)
  • [Transaction Id] (Thank-you and payment link pages)


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