Uploading media to the booking site

Upload logos to your booking site, emails and invoices as well as a hero image on the booking site.

To manage media for your booking site, select "Settings" and then "Booking Site Settings" from the main navigation. Click "Media" in the settings menu on the left.


Uploading logos to your booking site, emails and invoices

You can upload two types of logos:

  • Main/Dark logo (ideal for light colored backgrounds, like emails and invoices)
  • Light logo (used when floating over a darkened, hero image)


 We recommend you upload transparent PNG file types of your logos.

Uploading a hero image to your booking site

Customize your booking site and upload a hero image to it.

To upload a hero image, from the media page select the "Hero Image" tab.


 Hero images will only show on the main full version of the booking site and will not be included when your booking site is integrated into your website.

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