Setting up tiered pricing for items

Adding tiered pricing to items can be achieved using pricing conditions.

Note: Tiered pricing can only be achieved if pricing and capacities are active.

To set up tiered pricing for items, from the items page, hover over the item you would like to manage and select the "Manage Item" button. Select "Item Conditions" in the settings menu on the left.


Select the "Create Condition" option.


Here you can configure optional settings when pricing changes will apply by including:

  • Condition title (unique to easily identify all conditions)
  • Purchase dates, days and times (when customers make a booking)
  • Event dates, dates and times (when the event takes place)
  • Spaces and quantity (min and max spaces, if capacities are active on an item)

Once configured, you can choose the amount the pricing will change to when the above conditions are met. Pricing can be applied similar to default pricing on items.

Repeat the above steps until all spaces and quantities have been accounted for.

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