Setting up the default schedule on items

To configure the default schedule on items, from the items page, hover over the item you would like to manage and select the "Manage Item" button. Click "Default Schedule" in the settings menu on the left.


On the default schedule page of the item you are managing, select "Create Default Time Slot", or an existing default time slot. Choose a time from the dropdown and select which days of the week this time slot applies to. Repeat the process until all default time slots have been created.


To remove a default time slot, select the gear icon on the time slot you want to delete. In the dropdown menu, select "Delete Time Slot".


 Time slots can be created and removed from your admin calendar.

Changing existing schedules

Changing existing schedules is simple and can be achieved with Additional Item Schedules or editing time slots from the calendar.

Note: Time slots with existing bookings will not be updated as a result of schedule changes. Any new time slots that may be created as a result of updating existing schedules will be removed if they collide with existing time slots with bookings.

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