Sharing time slots to customers to book online

Share time slots and availability in just a few clicks to customers via multiple channels to book directly from the booking site. Time slots can be shared by:

  • Link (share a provided link, anyway you want)
  • Email (share time slots, up to five emails at once)
  • Text message (send via SMS, up to five numbers at once)
  • Social media (share availability on your Facebook and Twitter channels)

Note: Sending text messages requires text message credits. To share via social media, make sure you are logged into Facebook and Twitter accounts associated with your business.

To share availability on time slots, on the calendar, select the time slots you want to share. Once you have selected a time slot, in the right-hand side reveal, select the 'Gear' icon in the top left-hand corner and then "Share Time Slot".


When prompted, choose the channel you want to share availability on from the tabs at the top of the modal.


Follow the on-screen instructions for each channel to share availability for that channel.

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