Changing the status and cancelling bookings

Team members can manually change the status of individual bookings to the following:

  • Checked-in (customers have turned up to their booking)
  • Pending (the booking is upcoming and still active)
  • No-show (customers have not turned up to their booking, follow up emails will not be sent to customers)
  • Cancelled (the booking is cancelled, and will open up availability for another customer to book that resource, date and time)

Do not confuse cancelling a booking with cancelling an entire transaction. Cancelling a booking will only cancel that booking and not all other purchases made in a transaction. To cancel transactions, see our guide on cancelling transactions.

You may also want to check our guide on understanding the differences between transaction and booking overviews.

To change the status of a booking, on the transaction or booking overview page, select the colored badge on the booking you want to manage.


Changing the status of bookings

To change the status of bookings, from the dropdown menu, select the "Checked-in""Pending" or "No-show" option.

Cancelling bookings

To cancel bookings, from the dropdown menu, select the "Cancel Booking" link. When prompted, follow the on-screen instructions to confirm the cancellation of the booking.


 Existing payments on transactions may automatically be calculated as money owed back to customers unless cancellation fees apply. If monies are due back to customers when transactions and bookings are cancelled, payments will not be automatically refunded and must manually be refunded.

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