Managing custom/additional items on transactions

Custom additional items are available to users to add additional costs to transactions.

To add or manage custom/additional items on transactions, on the transaction or booking overview page/modal, select the "Booking" (on booking overviews) or "All Items" (on transaction overviews) tab.

You may want to check our guide on understanding the differences between transaction and booking overviews.

Adding custom/additional items to transactions/bookings

To add additional/custom items to transactions, in the booking or all items section, select "Add custom/additional item". If items that are booked have extras assigned to them, the option may say "Add item extra or custom/additional item".


If applicable, you may need to select the "Apply custom/additional item to this booking" option. For each additional item, team members can apply:

  • Descriptions (description of a custom additional item)
  • Stock/Quantity (a number of units in the additional custom item)
  • Price per unit (the price entered will multiply by the number of units selected)

Complete all required fields and select the "Add Custom Item" button.

Editing and removing custom/additional items from transactions/bookings

To edit or remove additional/custom items on transactions, in the booking or all items section, select the gear icon of the custom/additional item you want to manage.


From the dropdown menu, select the "Edit..." link or "Remove..." link.

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