Integrating the booking site into BigCommerce

Embed Resova using our JS embeddable code.

Finding embeddable codes in Resova

To embed Resova into your BigCommerce website, select "Settings" and then "Booking Site Settings" from the main navigation. Click the "Publish Booking Site" button in the settings menu on the left.


Choose which part of Resova you want to publish and continue to integrations. You can integrating or linking all or certain modules of the booking site. Select "HTML Integration" and copy the code provided.


Embedding the code into your BigCommerce site

View this quick and easy guide on embedding Resova into your BigCommerce site using the WYSIWYG editor. To add HTML, select the HTML button in the WYSIWYG editor and paste our code.

Note: We recommend that you have HTML knowledge when adding Resova to your BigCommerce site.

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