Configuring Capacities on Items

  1. On the left side menu, click on 'Inventory', then 'Items'.
  2. On the item you wish to edit, click on 'Manage Item'.
  3. Then click 'Tickets and Pricing' under 'Capacity and Pricing'.


In the capacity options, you will first need to configure capacity numbers for availability including:

  • Total Tickets Per Event (the total amount of tickets purchased per booking)
  • Min Tickets P/B (the minimum tickets that customers must select per booking)
  • Max Tickets P/B (the maximum tickets that customers must select per booking)


  • If you want the time slot to be closed off after one group books it, toggle the checkbox "Availability on this event is private (maximum of 1 booking per time slot)".
  • To give customers the option to call when an item is fully booked toggle the checkbox "Activate 'Call to Book' option over maximum capacity set" to see if they can be accommodated.


Visit our articles on Configuring Tickets and Pricing for Items and Activating and Managing Private Experience Upgrade on Items for help with different ticket pricing and offering customers the option to book time slots privately on open time slots.

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