Configuring Advanced Schedule Settings on Items

  1. On the left side menu, click on 'Inventory', then 'Items'.
  2. Hover over the item you wish to edit, then click on 'Manage Item'.
  3. Then click 'Advanced settings' under 'Scheduling'.


Minimum booking notice

Minimum booking in advance will only show availability after the minimum booking advance duration. Use this feature to avoid surprises when last-minute bookings are made.

  1. Click the blue "+Add period" button to create a new schedule
  2. In the 'Prevent Bookings Less Than' box, set the desired numerical length
  3. Set the desired span from minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months
  4. Check the days of the week to apply these settings to
  5. If you want to "Activate 'call to book' option on time slots if minimum booking notice has passed", check its checkbox
  6. Click "Save & update"

Deleting Minimum Booking Notice

Click the red trash "Remove period" icon next to the minimum notice period you wish to delete.


Maximum booking in advance

Maximum booking in advance can only allow customers to book availability a certain amount of time ahead. This is perfect if you do not want customers, for example, to book items too far ahead.

  1. In the 'Prevent Bookings More Than' box, set the desired numerical length
  2. Set the desired span from days, weeks, months, or years
  3. Click "Save & update"


Note: Minimum and maximum booking in advance limits do not apply to the team calendar, allowing team members to make bookings last minute or as far ahead into the future.

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