Managing purchased and manually created gift vouchers

Quickly access, view and manage all purchased gift vouchers.

To manage all purchased gift vouchers, select "Inventory" and then "Gift Vouchers" from the main navigation.


Click the gift voucher code you would like to manage.


For each purchased gift voucher code, you can overwrite settings including:

  • Email forwarding options (recipient details that the gift was forwarded to)
  • Value (the value of the gift voucher code)
  • Items (what items the gift voucher code can be redeemed for)
  • Event Dates & Times (when the voucher can be redeemed, at the event time)
  • Expiry Date (the end date for when the code must be redeemed by)

You can also resend the gift email and PDF voucher to the customer and forwarded recipient. On the selected gift voucher code page, select "Send" and then "Send gift voucher via email".


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