Filtering Bookings and Time Slots on the Calendar

Filter the current status of bookings and time slots such as booking status or payment status.

To filter the calendar by Events, Status, and Payments.

  1. Select "Calendar" from the main navigation.
  2. On the calendar, select the "Filters" tab in the top left-hand corner.


Options are now available to toggle bookings and time slots by:


Filter all time slots on the calendar including:

  • Available (all spaces are available; no bookings have been added to time slots)
  • Fully booked (all spaces on time slots are fully booked)
  • Blocked (at least a minimum of one space is blocked on time slots)
  • Edited (time slots that have been manually edited, outside of the default scheduled dates and times)


Filter private bookings and bookings on time slots by the booking status such as:

  • Checked-in (individuals and groups have been manually checked in)
  • Upcoming/Pending (a status has not yet been set, and the booking is upcoming)
  • No-shows (individuals and groups have been manually marked as a no-show)

Payment status

If payments have been configured for items, you can filter all bookings and time slots by the status of payments (only available if payments have been configured on items). The status of payments available are:

  • Paid bookings (payments have been fully paid)
  • Unpaid bookings (payments have not been fully paid)
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