Viewing booking questions answered by customers

Booking questions may be assigned to bookings if questions have been configured on items by a member of the team. These booking questions may be answered by customers on the booking site or by team members on behalf of customers when bookings are made manually in your account.

To set up booking questions for items, see our guide on adding booking questions to items.

To view booking questions answered by customers, on the transaction or booking overview page, select the "Questions" tab.


A list of all booking questions will be presented. The answers to the booking questions will be visible or it may state that the booking question is unanswered.

To update or edit a booking question, select the gear icon on the booking question you want to manage. From the dropdown menu, select the "Edit Question" link.


 If booking questions have not been assigned to items the booking questions tab on transaction and overview pages will not be accessible.

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