Manually sending emails to customers on bookings

Before an event takes place and if reminder emails are activated, reminder emails will automatically be sent to customers before the time of booking.

Once a customer’s booking is complete and they are checked-in, if the follow up (thank you) emails are activated, follow-up emails will also be automatically sent after the customer’s experience.

In certain circumstances, users may be required or want to manually resend both reminder emails and follow up emails to customers from booking or transaction overview pages.

To manually send reminder and follow up emails from transaction overviews, on the transaction overview page, select the gear icon of the booking you want to send emails from. From the dropdown menu, select either the "Send Booking Reminder" link or the "Send Follow Up Email" link.


Note: The option to send booking reminders will only be available if the time of booking has not yet taken place. The option to send follow-up emails will only be available after the date and time of the booking has already taken place, and if customers are subscribed to marketing emails.

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