Managing item extras on bookings

Add and manage item extras on bookings. Item extras on bookings can only be applicable if created and assigned to items. Read our guide on understanding item extras.

To add or manage item extras on bookings, on the transaction or booking overview page/modal, select the "Booking" (on booking overviews) or "All Items" (on transaction overviews) tab.


You may want to check our guide on understanding the differences between transaction and booking overviews.

Adding item extras to bookings

To add item extras onto bookings, in the booking or all items section, select "Add extra or custom/additional item". Select the "Apply item extra to this booking" option.


Editing and removing item extras from bookings

To edit or remove item extras on bookings, in the booking or all items section, select the gear icon of the item extra you want to manage.


From the dropdown menu, select the "Edit..." link or "Remove..." link.

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