Creating new transactions and bookings from the calendar

Firstly, see our guide on creating private bookings from the calendar and/or creating bookings on time slots from the calendar.

The follow page will be presented when creating new transactions and bookings.


The new transaction page is where team members can add multiple bookings and purchases to a single transaction, add customers and participants, promotional or gift voucher codes, payments and more.

When creating a new transaction, the following tabs may be available:

  • Basket (to add or edit the new booking details, or add additional items as units)
  • Promos/Gifts (add discount or gift voucher codes, including custom discounts)
  • Customers (apply customers to new bookings, including participants)
  • Taxes/Fees (will automatically apply if already configured and set up)
  • Payments (add both online or manual payments if activated in your account)
  • Questions (questions if items being booked have booking questions active)

Managing new booking details on new transactions

The basket tab when creating new transactions is available to edit the details of new bookings or add additional custom items to the transaction.

Editing new booking details

When you create a new booking from the calendar, the edit booking form will be available for users to edit a booking before completing. Settings include:

  • Item (which item is being booked)
  • Staff resource (the staff resource assigned to a booking, if applicable)
  • Availability settings (including the date, time and duration of the new booking)
  • People and pricing (the number of participants assigned to the booking, and the option to overwrite the pricing of bookings, if applicable)

Edit the new booking, entering all required fields in the form and hit the "Save & Update" button to save the details of that new booking.

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 This will not complete the booking and will only update the settings to the individual booking in the transaction. Scroll down this article to "Completing new transactions".

Adding another new booking to the same transaction

With Resova, it is possible to add multiple bookings onto the same transaction. To add a new booking onto a new transaction, on the new transaction page, select the "Add Booking" button in the top right-hand corner.

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Once selected, you will be directed back to the calendar to choose an item, date and time again. See our guides on creating private bookings from the calendar and/or creating bookings on time slots from the calendar. Once you have created a new booking from the calendar again, the same steps above will be repeated.

Adding item extras to bookings, on new transactions

If item extras are configured and applied to items that are being booked, the option will be presented when creating a new transaction to apply these item extras to bookings.

To assign an item extra to bookings, in the basket tab of the new transaction page/modal, select "Add extra or custom/additional item".

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In the first dropdown option, select "Apply extra to booking". You will also need to assign which booking the item extra is applied to.

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Follow the on-screen instructions to complete and assign the item extra to the new booking and transaction.

Adding custom items to new transactions

Custom additional items are available to users to add additional costs to new transactions. For each additional item, users can apply:

  • Descriptions (description of a custom additional item)
  • Stock/Quantity (a number of units in the additional custom item)
  • Price per unit (the price entered will multiply by the number of units selected)

To add an additional custom item to new transactions, in the basket tab of the new transaction page/modal, select "Add custom/additional item". If items being booked have extras assigned to them, the option may say "Add extra or custom/additional item".

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Follow the on-screen instructions to add a custom additional item to new transactions.

Managing all other sections when creating new transactions

For a breakdown on each section when creating new transactions, see our collection of all guides below:

Note: The guides above are intended for updating and editing existing bookings and transactions. However, the same processes apply when creating new transactions and bookings.

Completing and finalising new transactions

To complete and finalise new transactions and all bookings on new transactions, a customer applied to the transaction is required.

Once a customer has been applied to new transactions and you are happy to complete the new transaction, select the floating "Complete Transaction" button at the bottom.

Note: When card payments are applied to new transactions, the transaction will automatically complete and finalise.

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