Understanding transaction and booking overviews

Transaction and booking overviews are sections that team member can view to manage customer bookings and purchases including editing/rescheduling bookings, customer details, payments and more.

Differences between transaction and booking overviews

Our booking software allows customers and team members the ability to create multiple bookings in a single transaction. This can be useful to customers and businesses. For example, users can manually create multiple bookings for one customer under a single transaction for one payment. Customers can also add multiple bookings into a shopping cart on the booking site under a single transaction and payment.

This is why Resova operates with both transaction and booking overviews.

Transaction overviews

Transaction overviews include all bookings and purchases made under a single transaction by a customer. Transaction overviews can be accessed from multiple areas of your account, such as latest transactions feed and a list of all transactions from the calendar section.

Transaction overviews can easily be identified from the page/modal title such as "Transaction #1234".


Booking overviews

Booking overviews are similar to transaction overviews, but primarily focuses on a single booking you have viewed. Booking overviews can be viewed anywhere in your account. In most cases, booking overviews are found when selecting bookings from time slots on the team calendar.

Booking overviews can easily be identified from the page/modal title such as "Booking #1234". An additional "Booking" tab will also be visible on booking overviews, different to the transaction overview.


In most cases, you will manage bookings from the calendar on booking overview pages in the "Booking" tab. The "All Purchases" tab on a booking overview shows all other purchases made in the initial transaction.

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