Incentivizing customers with social incentives

Reward customers when they share your business and services on Facebook and Twitter before checking out. When shared, customers can receive a small discount off their basket.

To add social incentives to your booking site, select "Integrations" from the main menu and then "Marketing" from the settings menu.


Click "Social Incentives".


To activate and deactivate the social incentives, click the "Status" button in the top right-hand corner. Change the status to "Activate Social Incentives" or "Deactivate Social Incentives".


Select through the various tabs at the top to activate social incentives, add discounts, and share links for:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Note: Due to Twitters platform services, we cannot verify if customers have shared via Twitter. We recommend you do not use Twitter as a social incentive, or at the very least make sure the discount value is small.

Click the "Preview..." links to see the example of social media share windows and the share email when sent from customers to family and friends.

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