Configuring customer reviews

Get feedback from customers and share their reviews on your booking site, enticing other potential customers to book your services.

To manage customer reviews including settings, select "Marketing" and then "Customer Reviews" from the main navigation.


Managing customer review settings for your booking site

To configure customer review settings, from the “all reviews” page, select the "Settings" tab.


To show all submitted and approved reviews on a single page on your bookings, switch the "Show customer reviews page on your booking site with all reviews submitted" toggle on.

When customers write reviews, they submit a review based on the item and service they booked. To show reviews on the information page of an item specific to items, switch the "Show customer reviews on the information page of each item" toggle on.

To automatically approve all reviews submitted and add onto your booking site, switch the "Automatically approve all reviews and publish on your booking site" toggle on. We do not recommend this.

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