Configuring cart abandonment

Activate cart abandonment and configure email settings to start recapturing lost bookings on your booking site.

Note: Cart abandonment is only available on our Pro and Premium plans. See all pricing plans that Resova has to offer.

To manage all cart abandonment settings, select "Marketing" and then "Cart Abandonment" from the main navigation.


To activate and deactivate cart abandonment, click the "Status" button in the top right-hand corner. Change the status to "Activate Cart Abandonment" or "Deactivate Cart Abandonment".


Configuring cart abandonment email settings

From the abandoned carts page, select the "Email Settings" tab.

Select when the customer receives the abandoned cart email after they leave your booking site with a basket, and have not checked out.We recommend the cart abandonment email is sent soon after customers leave the booking site. Our ideal time would be 15-30 minutes.

Customizing content for cart abandonment emails

Add content to the cart abandonment emails.

Note: We will include the customer’s basket items below your added content.

Appearance of the email will be copied over from the appearance settings of all emails. View our guide on customizing the appearance of all emails.

Click the "Preview cart abandonment email" link to see the example of the cart abandonment email when sent to visitors.

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