Tracking visitors and conversions with Google Analytics

Connect your Google Analytics account to Resova to track all visitor data and conversions on the booking site.

Alternatively, we recommend you connect and track visitor data in Resova using our Google Tag Manager integration for more accurate results when tracking.

To connect Google Analytics, select "Integrations" from the main menu and then "Marketing" from the settings menu.


Click "Google Analytics".


Enter your Google Analytics ID in the provided field, your code will begin with "UA". Once entered, hit the "Connect Google Analytics" button.


To deactivate Google Analytics, click the "Status" button in the top right hand corner. Change the status to "Deactivate Google Analytics".


Cross domain tracking

To track conversions, for example where the source of the visitor came from, you will need to enable cross domain tracking. Copy and paste the provided code on our Google Analytics setting page to all pages on your website.  This code must replace all existing Google Analytic codes on your website.

Destination tracking and conversion goals

Destination tracking is available to follow visitors on all pages throughout their booking journey when purchasing via your booking site.

You can also create conversion 'goals' in Google Analytics, to track when specific events occur and apply specific values to them goals. For example, tracking a goal when customers complete a transaction. To set up conversion goals in Google Analytics, view this helpful article.

For more information on booking site URL's for destination tracking, please see our guide on supported URL's for destination tracking with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.

Ecommerce tracking

Resova supports Ecommerce tracking with Google Analytics. Please read this guide on activating Ecommerce tracking in your Google Analytics account.

Supported transaction data

The following transaction data will be provided for ecommerce tracking:

  • ID (transaction ID)
  • Affiliation (Resova)
  • Revenue (total amount of the transaction)
  • Tax (taxes associated with the transaction)

Supported item data

The following item (booking) data will be provided for ecommerce tracking:

  • ID (booking ID)
  • Name (the item/event name)
  • Price (the rate for items/events)
  • Quantity (the total quantity of tickets sold across all categories)
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