Managing notifications sent to customers by text message

Keep customers in the loop by sending notifications to them via text message.

Note: Text message credits are required to send text messages. Learn more on purchasing and managing text message credits. Customers must also enter a valid cell number. Configure the information that customers must provide when booking online. We recommend you make cell numbers mandatory.

There are multiple types of text message that can be sent to customers. The text messages that can be sent are:

  • Confirmation messages (optional)
  • Updated/Rescheduled messages (optional)
  • Cancellation messages (optional)
  • Reminder messages (optional)

To view and manage all text message settings, select "Settings" and then "Emails & Messaging" from the main navigation.


Click each link in the settings menu to the left under “Text Messages” of the text message setting you would like to manage. We have provided extensive notes alongside each setting in all text message sections of your account, to help you get set up quickly.

To activate or deactivate text messages, click the "Status" button in the top right-hand corner in each text message setting. Change the status to "Activate" or "Deactivate".

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