Purchasing and managing text message credits

Multiple types of text message can be sent to both customers and team members including:

  • Notifications (customers and users)
  • Custom text messages (customers only)

Credits are required to send text messages from Resova. A single credit equals one text message sent with a total maximum of 160 characters (including spaces).

To view, manage, and purchase text message credits, select "Settings" and then "Emails & Messaging" from the main navigation.


Select "Manage Credits" in the settings menu on the left.


Details such as text message credit stats (total available credits and credits used), and deposits/purchases are made available.

Purchasing and depositing text message credits

To purchase and deposit credits, from the “Manage Credits” page, click the blue plus icon to the right.


Enter the amount of credits you wish to purchase. The amount per credit and the total amount will be shown to you before you confirm the purchase. Select or create a new payment method and review your purchase. Once verified, credits will be deposited into your account.

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