Accepting waivers on-site

Customers and participants that are not required to sign waivers during the booking process, may not have signed the waiver when turning up to their experience. We have made it easy for users to quickly accept waivers and assign them to the customer’s or participant’s profile.

Note: Waivers must first be activated and configured. Waivers are only available on our Pro and Premium plans. See all pricing plans that Resova has to offer.

Viewing or embedding the waiver module

First of all, you will need to view the link or embed our waiver module into your website. By having easy access to the waiver module, customers and participants can quickly sign a waiver on-site, whether you have the waivers ready on tablets in the reception or if waivers can be signed from the main reception desk.

View instructions on publishing and embedding the waiver module, onto your own website. Once you have found the link or have embedded the waiver module, you can now have the waiver module ready on tablets or any other method you would like for on-site signing.

Assigning waivers to customers or participants

If waivers are signed by customers during the booking process, or signed by both customers and participants from the confirmation or waiver request email, then waivers will automatically be assigned to their profiles. If not, we call these waivers 'Unassigned Waivers', typically created on-site.

To assign 'unassigned waivers', select "Customers" and then "Unassigned Waivers" from the main navigation.


Waivers created on-site will require customers to enter their name and email address. This is how 'Unassigned Waivers' will be presented. Search and select the grid or list item of the waiver you want to assign to a customer or participant. When viewing the signed waiver, select the "Assign" button in the top right corner.


In the modal, search for the customer or participant you wish to assign the waiver to. When assigned, the customer or participant profile will show that they have signed a waiver. This will also show on any bookings that customers or participants have been assigned to.

It's also easy to assign waivers to customer and participants, from the booking overview page.

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