Understanding waivers

Activate waivers for your account for customers to sign.

Note: Waivers are only available on our Pro and Premium plans. See all pricing plans that Resova has to offer.

Automating waivers in the booking process and by emails

Waivers can be signed by customers during the checkout process on your booking site. This can be configured if customers must sign before completing the checkout, or can sign after the checkout via a link from the confirmation email (recommended to reduce the length of duration on the booking process).

View our help guide on managing waiver settings for customers and participants.

You can also collect waivers from participants in group bookings. If email addresses for participants have been activated on the booking site and have been entered by customers, a waiver request email will be sent to participants to sign before they turn up to their booking.

See our article on activating and managing waiver request emails.

Note: Waivers for participants will only be available if you have configured and requested information for participants.

Manually accept waivers on-site or from your website

If customers or participants turn up to their bookings and have not signed a waiver, we have made it easy for you to accept waivers on-site.

Take a look at our guide on accepting waivers on-site and assigning them to customers.

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