Customizing the follow up (thank you) email and best practices

Send follow up emails to customers after the time of their booking. Learn more on what is the follow up (thank you) email.

To set up and customize the follow up email, select "Settings" and then "Emails & Messaging" from the main navigation. Select "Follow-Up Email" in the settings menu on the left.


Configuring follow up email settings

To activate and deactivate the follow up email, click the "Status" button in the top right-hand corner. Change the status to "Activate Follow Up Email" or "Deactivate Follow Up Email".


Select when the customer receives the follow up email after the time of their booking is complete. We recommend the follow up email is not sent too soon to give time for customers to respond or sent too late so as to not allow too much time for customers to forget their experience. Our ideal time for follow up emails is 3 hours.

Customizing content for the follow up email

Add content to the follow up email. We provide various formatting tools including variables such as customer’s first names. Appearance of the email will be copied over from the appearance settings of all emails. View our guide on customizing the appearance of all emails.

Click the "Preview follow up email" link to see the example of the follow up email when sent to customers.

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