Managing and manually creating customer reviews

Create and manage all customer reviews, including feedback from customers or manual reviews created by team members.

To manage customer reviews, including settings, select "Marketing" and then "Customer Reviews" from the main navigation.


Managing existing customer reviews

After a customer submits a review, the review will automatically be inactive and will not show on your booking site. This allows time for team members to approve a customer review and show feedback on your booking site.

Click anywhere on the list item of an existing review to edit it including:

  • Number of stars
  • Customer Name
  • The item the review is assigned to
  • Customer feedback


Select the gear icon on an existing review to:

  • View booking (the booking the review is assigned to)
  • Duplicate customer review (to duplicate and edit)
  • Delete customer review (delete the review; this cannot be retrieved once deleted)

Creating customer reviews manually

To create a manual customer review, select the "Create review".


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