Creating and managing discount codes

Incentivize your customers with discount codes. Customers can redeem codes on future purchases including bookings, item extras, and gift vouchers.

To create and manage discount codes, select "Marketing" and then "Discounts" from the main navigation.


Creating discount codes

To create discount codes, from the discount codes page, select the blue plus icon to the right.


When prompted, enter a unique code for the discount and click "Create Discount".

Note: Discount codes must be unique, cannot have spaces and are not case sensitive.

Managing discount codes

To manage discount codes, from the discount codes page, select the grid or list item of an existing discount code.


There are two sections available for discount codes:

  • General settings (discount type, redemption value, and usage options)
  • Conditions (dates, times, and number of spaces when code can be used)

General settings on discount codes

Here you can manage general settings for discount codes including changing the code name, type of discount, redemption value, and the usage of a discount code.

You can choose from two types of discount codes:

  • General (standard codes available for the public. e.g. 10% off)
  • Multiple use (can be used by individual’s multiple times until value is depleted)

​The redemption values you can select are as follows:

  • Value discount (available for general and multiple use discount types)
  • Percentage discount (available for general discount types only)
  • Free spaces (available for general and multiple use discount types)
  • Transaction total (available for general discount types only)

Note: Percentage discount and transaction total redemption values are not available on multiple use discount types. It is unnecessary to include these, as they will not work when redeemed multiple times by individuals.

For standard discount codes, you can set a quantity of the amount of codes that can be redeemed each time. For example, a code with a quantity of 100 can be redeemed on 100 bookings. Multiple use codes do not require a quantity as it is only created for an individual and not to be shared publicly (for example, Groupon and other daily deal sites).

You can also specify how the discount code is applied. Validation types include:

  • Per transaction total (discounts will be deducted from the transaction)
  • Per booking total (discounts will be deducted per booking in basket)
  • Per person total (discounts will be deducted per person in transaction)

​Usage limits can be set on codes. This determines how often a code can be used by customers. Options for usage limits are:

  • Unlimited use on all bookings and customers (unlimited until depleted or expired)
  • Limited use on bookings and customers (set a limit on discount codes)

Conditions on discount codes

Apply conditions on discount codes, allowing discount codes to only be redeemed when the conditions configured are met. Condition settings include:

  • Items (choose what items the code can be applied to)
  • Gift vouchers (choose what gift voucher types the code can be applied to)
  • Purchases dates and times (when customers are making the booking)
  • Event dates and times (when the booking/event takes place)
  • Spaces (the min and max spaces that must be selected to apply the code)

We have provided extensive notes for conditions to help you quickly configure the conditions you want on discount codes.

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