Managing notifications sent to team members

Update team member profiles to choose which email and/or text message notifications they can receive for activities including:

  • New bookings
  • Cancelled bookings
  • Rescheduled/Updated bookings

Note: Credits are required for team members to receive text messages. Learn more on purchasing and managing text message credits. A valid cell number must also be updated in team member profiles.

To update team members profiles to receive notifications via email and/or text messages, check out our guide on Updating team members' profiles.

Note: Administrators with permissions who can update team member profiles and notification settings, are only permitted to remove which emails or text messages that team members can receive. For team members who are sent notifications, preference options will still be available to unsubscribe. See our guide on Updating notification preferences for customer and team activities by email and/or text message for how users can unsubscribe themselves from notifications.

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