Upgrading from Bookify to Resova

If you are an existing customer of Bookify, please continue with this article as we provide information on how to upgrade to Resova in just a few easy steps.

Starting the upgrade process

Once you have received your invite, please log into your Resova account using the same credentials as your Bookify account. You will be prompted to upgrade your account or activate a demo of Resova to help transition from Bookify.

When you are ready to upgrade, please select the “Update to Resova” button. All settings, bookings and customer data will be migrated over to Resova. We recommend you choose a suitable time to upgrade that will cause minimum disruption.

Note: Please do not refresh or close your browser whilst the migration is taking place.

After you have upgraded

Your Bookify account will no longer be accessible and your booking site will automatically be redirected to the new Resova booking site. Please ensure all settings from Bookify have carried over correctly to Resova, including inventory and general settings.

If you believe your settings have not been transferred correctly, please contact our team immediately using the help button in the bottom right hand corner of your account in Resova.

You can view our help centre which will provide extensive documentation on configuring the basics of Resova or setting up the new features that are made available.

To finalise the transition to Resova, we recommend you complete the following:

  • Replace embed codes and links to the new Resova booking site (optional)
  • Remove the Bookify Facebook app from your Facebook Business Page, and install the new Resova Facebook app
  • Update your email contacts to ensure you receive all notifications from noreply@resova.com
  • For companies who send emails from Resova to customers using their own custom email address, please update your DNS records
  • Update any destination goals you have set up with Google Analytics, including adding the new code provided on all pages of your own website
  • Update tracking codes to ensure proper tracking implementation with our new booking site and URLs
  • Due to MailChimp integration being upgraded, for security reasons, you must connect your Mailchimp account again using your login details in Resova. This can be set up Marketing > Integrations.
  • For customers who accept payments with Pay by PayPal, bookings will automatically be confirmed as "Unpaid" and then confirmed as "Paid" once we have received a confirmation from PayPal services. To accept and guarantee payment up front, we recommend you upgrade for free to the latest PayPal Express.

If you need further assistance with upgrading to Resova, please submit a request to talk to our team.

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