Tracking conversions with Facebook Pixel

Connect Facebook Tracking to Resova to track all conversions on your booking site.

To connect Facebook Tracking, select "Integrations" from the main menu and then "Marketing" from the settings menu.


Click "Facebook Tracking".


Enter your Facebook Pixel ID in the provided field. Once entered, hit the "Connect Facebook Tracking" button.


Note: If you are tracking Facebook Tracking with Google Tag Manager, it is not necessary to have our Facebook Tracking integration activated. Therefore we highly recommend you deactivate this integration.

To deactivate Facebook Tracking, click the "Status" button in the top right hand corner. Change the status to "Deactivate Integration".


Custom Event tracking

To track all visitors data and events throughout the booking site journey using custom event triggers with Facebook Pixel, please activate Facebook Pixel tracking with Google Tag Manager. Please see our guide on Tracking visitors and conversions on your booking site with Google Tag Manager and supported Custom Event Triggers for Google Tag Manager.

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