Gift Vouchers are unavailable for purchase

Gift Vouchers unavailable to purchase for team members and customers can be caused if:

  • there are no active gift voucher types/options
  • no online payment option is activated (booking site only)
  • they are hidden depending on the booking site layout selected (booking site only)

Inactive 'Gift Voucher Types'

Please check that you have activated a minimum of at least one 'Gift Voucher Type'. View our guide on creating gift voucher options and values.

No online payment connected

Online payments must be connected and activated to sell gift vouchers from your booking site. View our collection of guides for instructions on connecting a supported gateway to Resova or connecting PayPal Express to Resova to sell gift vouchers from the booking site.

Hidden from the booking site

The option to purchase gift vouchers from the booking site may not be visible to customers depending on the layout selected or how you have integrated Resova into your website. The following inventory layouts that are affected include:

  • Filterable List (inventory layout)
  • Filterable Calendar (inventory layout)
  • Embedding individual items (integration)
  • Embedding categories (integration)

To change the layout of your booking site, please see our guide on choosing a layout for the booking site.

We highly recommend you keep your favourable booking site layout and embed gift vouchers as a separate module/integration into your website. This will help the option to purchase gift vouchers more visible to visitors and to increase online revenue. To embed the gift voucher module/integration into your website separately, please see instructions on integrating or linking all or certain modules of the booking site.

Still need help?

If you have checked all of the above and still continue to have issues then please contact our support team from in your Resova account and we will be happy to assist you further.

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