Updating notification preferences for customer and team activities

Receive notifications on updates and activity from both customers and other team members via email and/or text messaging, if permission is granted by account owners for when:

  • New bookings are created
  • Existing bookings and transactions are cancelled
  • Existing bookings and transactions have been rescheduled/updated

To manage your notification preferences, click the notification icon in the main menu.


Select the gear icon in the top left-hand corner in the notifications sidebar that has just been revealed.


Configure the notifications digest and toggle on or off the activity you wish to be notified about in the notifications via email and text message sections.

If some options are unavailable, it could be that administrators have restricted you from receiving certain emails and text messages depending on account activity. Please speak to a team member with the proper permissions to grant you access to manage all or selected email and text message notification settings.

Note: Credits are required to receive text messages. Learn more about purchasing and managing text message credits. A valid cell number must also be updated in your profile.

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