Changing the Resova URL extension for Google Tag Manager

In preparation for the transition of the UK leaving the EU, tracking via Google Tag Manager requires the domain name extension to be changed on booking sites from .eu to to ensure proper tracking. Follow the below instructions to make the switch.

In Tag Manager, select the "Variables" link to the left hand-side and then select the "Google Analytics Settings" variable (or the variable name you have used).


Click "Variable configuration" to edit the variable and then the "More settings" dropdown and then "Cross Domain Tracking".


In the "Auto Link Domains" field, if setup correctly, change the booking site URL extension from .eu to Select the "Save" button and the changes have now been completed.
If the "Auto Link Domains" field is empty, cross-domain tracking has been set up incorrectly. We recommend you follow our guide here to ensure it is set up to track cross-domains.
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